About Us

Principal Broker Mr Jonathan Hall established the Hallmark Real Estate Company in June of 2009. 

Jon is a very experienced Realtor and Broker having worked in the real estate industry for the past 20 years, he has unlimited enthusiasm and energy for the wonderful and exciting arena of real estate in helping the public in buying and selling homes.
As an experienced teacher, trainer and mentor for a number of well established and recognized real-estate companies in Utah, Jon brings a well balanced wealth of knowledge and valued experience to al those with whom he works with in this  far reaching industry; Jon has been a valued teacher at Stringham Schools for over ten years and continues to teach as well as managing his successful brokerage; he is authorized to teach everything in pre-licensing education from contract law to Utah law, including pre-licensing for brokers and continuing education for all realtors across the board. 
Jon has attracted some very high profile and successful real-estate agents to his company, qualified agents that have a wealth of experience in such a volatile and changing industry, they have have joined Hallmark Real Estate Company simply because Jon as a broker places his team agents first, he is always interested in putting as much return into his agents pockets, he gains great satisfaction when he can see a fellow real estate agent become successful.
Whether you are a member of the public who wants assistance in buying or selling a home, or a realtor that wants to find and join a brokerage that cares and will make you successful in real estate, Mr Jon Hall is certainly the "Man for the job”!
If you have any questions, please contact Jon directly as he would be delighted to meet with you.